Article Analysis : ' Why You Should Turn Your Child Into A Book Lover '

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Reflection paper 2: Article Analysis
‘’Why you should turn your child into a book lover (& how to do it)’’, the title of the article I choose, comes from AFP RelaxNews, published by Sunday Times Lifestyle on April the 3rd 2017. The author of this article want to point out the importance and the benefice for children to be the book’s lover.
1-What is the purpose of the arguments? What does it hope to achieve? The purpose of that argument is to show to parents how it is helpful for their child to be a book lover. It also teaches them how to proceed to turn their child into book lover. With the expansion of electronics toys for children, this article point out how books have positive power in language of children rather than videos toys. …show more content…

Second, he shows the conclusion of a study published in European Journal Nutrition, which shows up a cause and effect between healthy nutrition and the raising of reading skills. Third, he presents Japanese study which develop one program to stimulate children imagination and social behavior. Finally, he presents the result of 2015 US study published in the journal Jama Pediatrics, which attest that books are more efficient in language and expression for both parents and children than electronics toys.
7-What claims does the argument make? What issues are raised-or ignored or evaded? The writer claim that parents and caretaker should start early to read book to their children because it helps more for their development. He also encourages government and caretaker to improve healthy food and privilege books to electronic toys.
8-What are the contexts-social, political, historical, cultural-for this argument? Whose interests does it serve? Why gains or losses by it? The context of this argument in social. It could be also cultural and historical because it was made previously of the celebration of Children’s Book Day. The argument defends the interest of children, parents and society.
9-How is the argument organized or arranged? What media does the argument use? The introduction of this argument is clear about what we can expected when reading. He stars with the advises

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