Article by Evan Dashevsky Analysis

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When I started school, my goal was to be successful in my future before having children’s. I’m 26 years old now and I still do not have children. So, if “ children born in 2014 may face far different set of issues” (Dashevsky, 2014) then me, it’s a little scary to think what my child might be facing, the longer I take to have one. Born in 1987, I already haven seen over the years things have changes in history. Now imagine when my children arrive. If I had a child now, in 2045 they will be 31 and they will be affect by jobs, vehicles, nabobs, war, violence, illness, artificial intelligence, and cyborgs. I do agree that there will be a “new stage of evolution “(Dashevsky, 2014), a new human evolution at that. If cyborgs and AI are made in the future what job can my child have, none! I would think, that that majority of the people would be unemployed and things would be at low cost or even free. No jobs then no money can be made to support the economy. It would devastate businesses and employment. Children being workers by 31 would have to adjust to new workforces by obtaining new abilities and travel to jobs in new companies. That would not help children build any work ethics or even build a career for themselves. How would they engage their free time and support themselves. Not only that but when you work and social with other people you build a character and a personality. It is difficult to imitate emotions and real movements. Retail jobs would be obstructed due to
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