Artificial Immune Syste for Intrusion Detection System

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Artificial immune system is a general framework for a distributed adaptive system and could. Detecting intrusions is one of many applications that can be inspired by the natural immune system.


The biological immune system is very complicated and appears to be precisely tuned to the problem of detecting and eliminating infections. Immune system provides a compelling example of a parallel adaptive information processing system, one which can be studied for the purpose of designing better systems. Some of the properties that we are interested are : It is diverse, distributed, self-monitoring, error tolerant, dynamic,and adaptable. Lets consider some properties which give the immune system certain key characteristics which we are most interesting.

Robustness: Despite the lack of a formal definition, robustness usually refers to the continuation of function in the presence of perturbations. This is the consequence of the fact that the immune system is dynamic, diverse, distributed and error tolerant.
It is dynamic, which means that individual components are continually created, destroyed, and circulated the body. It is error tolerant because the effect of any single immune…
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