Artificial Intelligence And Alan Turing

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Alan Turing & The A.I. Alan Turing cracked the enigma code on July 9th, 1941 and laid the infrastructure for artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has come a long way since the first robot was perfected. In 1950, Alan Turing published, Computer Machinery and Intelligence. This book introduced the birth of artificial intelligence as we know it today. Millions of robots with advanced technology and uses are being created every day since the emergence of this first robot occurred in 1969. While the world advances, so is technology. Technology is progressing and becoming better and more reliable, each day. Artificial intelligence is a certain type of technology that is resourceful nationwide. People use it in the medical field, it’s also been helpful to military forces, this technology is truly helping our world to become a better place. The systems that are created to help in the medical field have been programmed to help in one specific area of medicine (Masci). This is a good strategy to slowly introduce robotics into the medical field. If each robot is specially set up to help with, for example, kidney transplant, the robot would be capable of being an expert and learning how to make these procedures more efficient. Some may argue that robots would be inadequate in the operating room because they may not recognize certain situations. How will we know what these systems can and cannot handle until we try? Scientists now are formulating a plan to program these
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