Artificial Intelligence : The Threat Of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence, the intelligence displayed by machines, has been a major topic discussed by the general public. Although we already make use of it today, some are against its future advancement. They fear that it will cause unemployment, bias towards races, and that it will eventually turn against humanity. On the other hand, some people are for the advancement of AI. They believe that it will help with energy savings,emergency management, and a company’s time saving. The most discussed threat of artificial intelligence is unemployment. Machines are able to do almost every task that humans can do, which brings workers to wonder what will be left for them to do. Companies have already began to embrace the use of AI, thus firing their workers. Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance in Japan replaced thirty-four of its workers with a system that can calculate payouts on policyholders (Barnett par. 4). This may seem like a small number, but it will soon increase as other companies adopt the AI system. Putting people out of a job does not concern a company when the financial gain is evident. The AI still needs maintenance, but computers do not expect to receive a paycheck at the end of every month. For example, Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance paid £1.4m for their system, but “the company's experts say that it would be saving £1m yearly” (Barnett par. 5). The long-term profit is still captivating to the company, which leads them to fire their employees. Furthermore, Vardi, a

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