Artificial Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence

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Machines are all around us- in our homes, businesses, cars, and even in our pockets. We are surrounded by machines with differing capabilities and quickly advancing levels of intelligence. Since machines have a rapidly expanding range of capabilities and intellect, they have the potential to pose a very real threat to humans in the coming years. “The capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior” (Artificial) is known as artificial intelligence or AI; examples of which include Apple’s Siri, Google Now, and Samsung’s Bixby. Modern artificial intelligence is termed narrow AI, which means that machines are designed and programmed to perform only one task. This allows for a machine to be superior to a human being only at its…show more content…
Another way for it to happen is that a well-meaning team of programmers make a big mistake in designing its goal system… More subtly, it could result in a superintelligence realizing a state of affairs that we might now judge as desirable but which in fact turns out to be a false utopia, in which things essential to human flourishing have been irreversibly lost.
The disclaimer remains that no superintelligence of this kind exists at present, but, as Bostrom explains, creating one could be disadvantageous to society. If this type of artificial intelligence existed, humans would live in “a false utopia” (Bostrom). The never-ending system of machines would direct civilization toward a world in which all things vital to humans thriving would be eliminated. After years of working toward the invention of AGI, “superintelligence may be the last invention humans ever need to make” (Bostrom). The threat of superintelligence and AGI is, to some, simply a myth or exaggerated, but the reality is that until this field of artificial intelligence is created there will be no telling of its true potential. Therefore, if the risks defined within Bostrom’s writing are at all plausible, the topic and conception of AGI should not be taken lightly and perhaps avoided all together.
Tom Dietterich, president of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, said, “artificial intelligence in itself isn’t really dangerous. Rather the real threat stems from
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