Arts And The Arts : Curriculum Implications

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Many people have often wondered if children really benefit from taking part in the arts or if the arts are just an excuse to get out of class and play, considering that the arts are usually the first to go when it comes to school budget-cuts. This paper will discuss the arts and how they benefit the education and development of children. Some of the arts discussed in this paper will include visual arts, drama, music, and dance. One of the articles chosen to study for this paper is “Learning In and Through the Arts: Curriculum Implications” by Judith Burton, Robert Horowitz, and Hal Abeles from the Center for Arts Education Research Teachers College, Columbia University in July of 1999. The other article chosen was “Involvement in the Arts and Human Development: General Involvement and Intensive Involvement In Music and Theatre Arts” by James S. Catterall, Richard Chapleau, and John Iwanaga from The Imagination Project at UCLA. By using research found in these articles, this paper will discuss how the arts benefit education in children. It will compare students who have a high exposure to the arts and students who have a low exposure.
Many different education professionals were interviewed in order to gather information for these articles such as “school administrators, general classroom, and specialist subject teachers in science, mathematics, and language (Burton, Horowitz & Abeles, 1999)” over a period of two years. After observing the students, interviewing teachers &…

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