As An Obvious Fact, We Have Lots Of Data In Various Fields.

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As an obvious fact, we have lots of data in various fields. Actually, it is estimated that the amount of useful data produced will be over 15 zettabytes by 2020, compared with 0.9 zettabytes in 2013. [IDC 's Study 1] This has led to an unavoidable challenge, however, data users have to figure out a way to properly store and effectively analyze the large-scale data.\

The challenge becomes more and more severe facing the growth of data. Generally speaking, the development of storage technology on the earth can not keep the pace of the increase in volume of data. In 2013, the available storage capacity could hold 33\% of all data. By 2020, it will be able to store less than 15\%. [IDC 's Study 1] Even though the evolution of the …show more content…

Users or companies can easily upload their computation task to a cloud server that are facilitated with sufficient computation capability. The efficient cloud server can expedite the speed on calculating the large-scale data task and return the results to the users or companies. Hence, every normal user can occupy the computation power in a pay-per-use model, even though the user cannot get access to the supercomputers. The server with more computational abilities can share the spare computation resources out of a financial incentive. For instance, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Computing provides the on-demand delivery of computer power as descripted above. Cloud users can even make their own instant benefits within a lower variable cost. Also, due to the infrastructure setting by AWS, users can avoid a capacity decision prior to deploying the application since they can easily scale it up and down when the server conducts the computation. [Amazon web service...]\

Despite the benefits offered by the outsourced computation paradigm is huge, the primary obstacles of its wide adoption are security issues. As we all know, the incentive of users to commit large-scaled computation on data is that the data may conceal valuable and beneficial information. Therefore, in most cases, users

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