As Companies Continue To Move Forward, They Will Gain And

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As companies continue to move forward, they will gain and understanding of the importance of quality management and its relation to profits, production, and customer satisfaction. Throughout chapter two of Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence, multiple philosophies on how to incorporate quality into a company are described in detail. These examples include the philosophies of great minds such as Deming, Juran, and Crosby, as well as several other accomplished quality professionals. While each of their approaches are different, they are all trying to accomplish the same goal of increasing quality. It is important to understand what makes up these different philosophies before you can choose one for your own company.
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In many ways Juran and Deming approached quality the same way. They agreed that there was a need to have executive management involved, continuous improvement, and increased training. One of the biggest differences came from the psychological side of management. Juran believed managers should instill fear in their employees, make them scared to produce defects, while Deming believed fear would create stress and unnecessarily hinder the production process (Evans and Lindsay 62).
Much like Juran and Deming, Phillip Crosby, a vice president of quality for International Telephone and Telegraph, introduced his ideas and strategies for increased quality. Crosby came up with the Absolutes of Quality Management and the Basic Elements of Improvement. The ideas of Crosby share many similarities with Deming and Juran. Crosby believed quality was often seen as an opinion, what was high quality to some was seen as low quality to others. Because of this interpretation, Crosby’s first point was created to set a standard basis for measuring quality. He noted that, “Quality means conformance to requirements, not elegance” (Evans and Lindsay 63). For Crosby, quality became a measure of how closely a product met requirements. Crosby was also a large fan of craftsmen and wanted

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