Asian Women

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Nevertheless, many Asian women in particular struggle to adopt status within the society as they are not “heteronormative” enough. There are many reasons why Asian women perform cosmetic surgery in order to look white in an attempt to attain the framework of heteronormativity. One of the reasons why Asian women want to look white is through gaining benefit in finding a partner. Based on a study of 692 undergraduates, the study has found that white women are more likely to be asked out compared to non-white women. White women have a staggering percentage of 40 percent while non-white women have roughly about 28 percent (Knox & Schacht, 2012). Another study conducted from Feliciano, Robnett, and Komaie (2009) also found that men of color with …show more content…

The media seeks to reinforce the framework of heteronormativity through the lifestyle held by hegemonic social norms. The public’s attitude to cosmetic surgery is heavily influenced by the crucial role of the sociocultural in particular to the promotion of the body and beauty in the mass media (Moon, 2015). Within the global media, the image of Asian women is fixed towards depicting social qualities as exotic, feminine, and seductive. Due to these depictions of Asian women in the media, Asian women are seen as dolls. In addition, Asian women are not portrayed as humans compared to white women (Hall, 1995). This negative image of observing Asian women as inferior humans further affect Asian women status within the concept of heteronormativity. Therefore, Asian women perform cosmetic surgery to look white in order to alter their image and gain their power. The role of the mass media contributes strong self-images that correspond with the consumer culture, in regard to the desire to buy the ideal beauty commodity (Askegaard, Gertsen, & Langer, 2015). Since western beauty is strongly penetrating within almost every edge of the media in Asia. The beauty ideal of Asia is largely westernized through the extent where most models or celebrities are western or look western. With this implementation, Western and domestic models that are embodied to western features are heavily promoted along the goods in the Asian Market (Kim, 2003). According to Li, Min, and Belk (2008), having pale white skin is perceived as a symbol of flawless, luxury, and prestige in the Asian cultures. Whiteness is a source of cultural capital that is related with upper-class images (Bourdieu, 1984). In addition, Asian celebrities with fair skin tie their achievement with whiteness in order to implicit their success

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