Asking For My First Tip: Scenarios

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For my first tip, we will start simple. The easiest way to get what you want is to ask for it. Asking for something only has 2 outcomes: yes or no. If your target says no, there's no harm done. You just smile and move on. If they say yes, then mission accomplished! You got what you wanted by asking just a simple question. However, the hard part about this tip is that many people don't have the courage to ask.

Asking takes some confidence. Whenever you ask someone a question or request something from them, they go on the defensive and start questioning your motives behind your actions. It takes confidence to answer these questions without giving anything away about your true motives. However, even if you aren't confident, keep your calm, and you will get away scot free. …show more content…

You know that they will most likely say no. You look over at them and think of all the questions they could ask about why you want a personal day. Why do you want the day off? Is it more important than working? Will you start taking even more personal days if you are allowed to take the day off? Will it impact your work performance?

You think this scenario through and decide not to

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