Assassination Attemps on Adolf Hitler

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Researchers have proven that Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazis, killed more than 6 million Jews in his lifetime. The resistance knew that they couldn’t let him continue this behavior and needed to take action. There were an estimated 42 attempts on assassinating Hitler but a man by the name of Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg came up the closest. Cornel Claus was a highly respected man due to him being in the General Army Office as chief of staff, and because he led an assassination attempt on Hitler, killing four Nazi officers. Claus was a very brave man for not only trying to eliminate Hitler but also for his war actions. Stauffenberg was born and raised in Upper Franconia, Germany November 15, 1907 (“Claus” Almanac). He grew up into a noble catholic family in Southern Germany. Claus went to high school looking to be an architect but eventually pursued the military due to family history. He made a good decision by going into the military because of his future actions. Claus was deployed as an officer in a cavalry regiment in 1930. He eventually fought in Poland and France from 1939-1940 (Leaders). Soon afterward, he was assigned to the army General Staff and for one month fought in North Africa at night against the Germans. During the war in North Africa Claus was attacked while in an airplane and lost his right hand, two fingers of his left hand, and his left eye. He must have had to change his daily routines due to the loss. After a month of recovery, upon his

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