Assessing The Financial Statement Of Doctors Hospital ( Dh )

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Financial Statement Analysis
The ability to evaluate the financial statement of Doctors Hospital (DH) will promote accessibility to safe and timely healthcare. According to Kieso, Weygant, & Warfield (2014), the advanced practice nurse (APN) recognizes the relevance within nursing and the data presented in financial statements to predict the future and ascertain the potential flaws of such organization. This purpose of this paper is to analyze the implications of finances for the APN, its role in the financial welfare of a healthcare organization, examine the financial statement analysis of Doctors Hospital (DH), illustrate the significance of the financial statement to comprise the balance sheet, cash flow and income statement and calculate the financial ratios of the financial statements.
Implications of Economics for Advanced Practice Nurse
According to Lim et. al. (2013), it is essential for the APN to recognize that improving quality patient centered in healthcare involves having expertise in the exploration and application of financial material. To create a financial judgement, the APN must be versatile in the financial administration of an organization (Butts & Rich, 2015). The understanding of financial abilities assists the APN to use resources proficiently thereby sustaining the standards of the nursing profession. This transcends to financial expertise and quality performances of managerial skills on the units (ANA, 2010). Due to changes in the healthcare system,

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