Assessment And The Myers Briggs Indicator Essay

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There are four specific assessments that we will be discussed in this paper. These include Campbell Interest & Skill Survey, Strong Interest & Skill Survey, Self-Directed Search, and the Myers-Briggs Indicator. In order to understand the applicability of each assessment and the positive and negative attributes, including cost, it is important to research your options and determine what is a good fit your you. Campbell Interest & Skill Survey is an assessment published by Pearson meant to measure vocational interests and inventory for career planning. It also measures an individual’s confidence to perform in various activities and attraction to specific occupational areas. The assessment’s target population includes college bound or college-educated individuals. In order to administer/interpret this assessment one must be a counselor, psychologist, or human resource professional. The time required to administer the assessment is approximately 25 minutes and includes 200 interest and 120 skill items and requires a 6th grade reading level. The assessment can be taken online or through the mail. If you submit your answers through the mail they are scored within 45 hours of receipt and results are returned via standard mail. A starter kit includes 3 answer sheets, 3 career planners, and 3 Q-Global administers, costing $75.35. Mail-in scoring includes 3 career planners, 3 mail-in answer sheets, and all materials needed to generate 3 reports using the mail-in scoring service,

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