Assessment Is The Learning Of Our Students

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Assessment is defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “The act of making a judgment about something.” In a school environment, the judgment, of course, is the learning of our students. Are they learning the material? What do they currently understand? Are they meeting the standard? Have the learning objectives been met? Do they understand what has been taught thus far? Students are constantly being assessed. They are assessed prior to a learning activity in order to provide a basis for planning. They are informally assessed throughout the learning process for the purpose of adjusting the lesson. They are formally assessed at the end of a lesson to ensure that the necessary objectives have been learned. They are assessed at points throughout the school year to gauge if they are each on the same level as their peers and in overall knowledge, as well as using these assessments to provide the tools to measure the effectiveness of the school, curriculum, and/or teacher. Assessment is indeed valuable for a number of reasons and from a number of vantage points.

Beginning with a pre-assessment, this is intended to see where student knowledge currently is at. This helps to make a basis for what is needed to be taught. If there is a lack of background knowledge, then it will need to be introduced prior to teaching the content, or possibly as extra information added while teaching. If it immediately becomes clear that students are already familiar with all or most of the
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