Assessment Of Teaching And Learning

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Assessment for Learing (AfL) forms a critical feature of teaching in the present day – more and more it is becoming a focal point of the teaching practice. It is becoming a key component of lesson planning and is an aspect of teaching and learning

AfL forms part of teaching standard 6 “make accurate and productive use of assessment” (Department for Education, 2011) and this includes both summative and formative assessment. Formerly, the focus of teaching and of lesson planning was heavily weighted towards summative assessment which can be defined as occurring when teachers “evaluate a final product. It usually takes place at the end of a chapter, a unit of study, a benchmark period, a quarter, a course, a semester, or an academic year” …show more content…

This prompted further studies into the importance of assessment for learning and in 1998 Black and Wiliam – as part of the Assessment Reform Group - published ‘Inside the Black Box: Raising the Standards through Classroom Assessment’. This publication took 9 years of research to complete and reviewed over 250 sources. The aim of this review was to highlight the importance of assessment for learning in raising the standards in the classroom.

Black and Wiliam, although in agreement that formative assessment forms a key part of classroom learning, ask three pertinent questions:

“Is there evidence that improving formative assessment raises standards? Is there evidence that there is room for improvement? Is there evidence about how to improve formative assessment?” (Black and Wiliam, 1998)
These questions formed the foundation of their review and analysed the need not only for assessment for learning but the extent to which it promotes the raising of classroom standards. Focussing on the primary question, ‘is there evidence that improving formative assessment raises standards’ from their review it can be established that the findings concluded a resounding ‘yes’ across the board. A study by Fuchs et al. (1997) detailed an article on low achieving students (both with and without disabilities) that highlighted the importance

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