Assignment 1: Team Analysis

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What was your role on the team? Did it change over time? Etc.
I would say that my role on the team really consisted of getting our group to think creatively. There were many times where our group would have brainstorming sessions before we would begin a phase. Many times, I found myself leading our group brainstorming sessions. I would say that this helped our team think of new ideas or concepts that we hadn’t thought of before. This role remained consistent throughout the process.

What were your personal strengths and weaknesses when it came to this assignment?
I think that my strengths, in terms of this project, were thinking outside of the box and really helping our group to creatively tackle whatever phase we were on. My leadership in
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My general perception was that they only dealt with hiring, firing, and compensation. All I heard about human resources was that it was a group of people, who were mostly disconnected with what it is employees do on a daily basis, and that they really only dealt with hiring and firing. After taking this class I realized that there is significant value in having good human resource professionals within the company. I learned that human resource professionals are always looking for ways to develop/train employees to help bring them success in their job. Phase 5 of the group project really showed me that human resources can have a huge impact on the company by having excellent training/development/and review programs. This way, employees can grow within their role and excel within their…show more content…
Clearly, as an employee, I would like good compensation; after taking this class, I see that there is an extreme amount of value in the feedback, benefits, and training that a company can provide. In terms of feedback and training, this is something that (especially right out of college) can not only aid you in succeeding in that company, but that feedback and training could also be pivotal in helping you move to a company that would allow you to take a higher position. In terms of benefits, I now see the value in a benefits package. For me, I would really like a company with a good 401k program so I can begin saving for retirement as early as
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