Assignment 2: Collaborative Decision-Making

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According to the text, Dr. Alex Mahdi was committed to the idea of collaborative decision making. However, Dr. Mahdi utilized an individual and authoritative decision leadership style when he set up committees and appointed teachers to serve on his newly established committees in addition to their department level committees. I believe Dr. Mahdi has the resources necessary for success. He has the opportunity to boost morale, change the culture and climate of the school, and build trust worthy relationships through collaborative interaction. Based on the text, I feel an organizational decision making model would allow Dr. Mahdi to achieve the result he desires. In my opinion, Dr. Mahdi needs to redesign the supporting structure of the proposed committees by developing a guide of expectations and standards for volunteer committee member. The plan is as follows.
1. Make long term goals.

Dr. Mahdi has a wonderful framework for committee departments …show more content…

Mahdi needs to be visible and monitor the various committee's progressions. This may be accomplished by sitting in sessions personally, assigning an assistant administrator to monitor, or reviewing minutes and data on a consistent basis. Furthermore, according to text, teachers composed the majority of the newly formed committee's. Parents, student leaders, and business executives should be invited to serve on the newly formed committees.

4. Understand the impact of your decision. Dr. Mahdi should have expected many members of his faculty to respond negatively to the idea of transitioning to a new era of communication and leadership style change. The principal, department chairs and assistant principal were on the same leadership committee. This format needs to be restructured. The teachers do not wish to serve one the committees because there is an absence of leadership, directives, purpose, and progression.

5. Remember your

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