Assignment 4 Department Of Labor Case Study HRM 533

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To Organize or Not to Organize? Alvis Jackson Total Rewards-HRM 533 October 27, 2014 Dr. Jennifer Young Abstract Blue Plate Mayonnaise was the first commercially prepared mayonnaise in the country. In 1927- Wesson-Snowdrift Oil Company, saw a way to use their soybean oil and supply the South with high-quality mayonnaise product. After all, those po-boys, tomato sandwiches, and salads need something to hold them together. In 1929-Blue Plate Foods, Inc. is founded as a subsidiary of Wesson-Snowdrift and mayo production begins in Gretna, Louisiana. In 1941-Blue Plate moves across the Mississippi River to Mid-City New Orleans. The company builds as ultramodern, three-story building made of concrete. In 1974, Mr. William B. Riley III …show more content…

We believe in bargaining collectively to insure that all people are treated fairly and equally by establishing wages, benefits, job security and working conditions equal to or higher than industry standards. By doing this we will improve the quality of life for all employees here at Blue Plate (Walker, 2012). The purpose of the process is to create an environment were all employees are treated fairly and not based on their race or sex. Embrace diversity as an essential part of business. To insure fair wages for all hours worked, including overtime pay. To included benefits and job security among all employees. To promote a safe working environment for all employees. A prime objective of labor unions is to secure maximum pay for members (Davoren, 2014). It is more than a pay objective of Blue Plate workers. The employees expect to receive fair pay for work and hours’ work over. The labor union will strive to secure better working conditions for their members and benefits that consists of shorter working days or work weeks for secure safety on the job. The objective of improved working conditions can included health care and vacations. The objective of job security for their members can include employers to agree to pay laid off workers or guarantee an annual wage at the time of employment. 4) Outline the components you would need to take to start a union and sketch ideas for each step of the process. Most companies do not want

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