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Learner: Angela Austin
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Customer Relationship Management 6

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Partner Relationship Management-Assignment 6
Angela Austin
Northcentral University

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If partners do not trust the organization they are collaborating with, it will not flourish. Think of a marriage between the many companies that work together for one purpose, to build shareholder wealth.
Partner relationship management has been of less important. With growing technology and globalization communications between businesses, suppliers and other such intermediaries needs to be addressed and managed properly. Properly managed customer relation between firms, customers, and the intermediaries, for instance, the middle people create a good a good supply chain of products from the producer to the consumer which can eventually have a positive return on investment (Agarwal & Singh, 2014).
The way Partner Relationship Management Impact Customer Service and CRM
Separate strategies need to be put in place for both CRM and PRM, as these are two completely different elements and cannot be managed in a similar manner. The debate over PRM and CRM has increased. It is paramount for your partners to see themselves as customers. For them to sell products and services, your partners need to understand your business and marketing plans as well as product, sales, and promotional strategies (Duffy, Fearne, Hornibrook, Hutchinson & Reid, 2013). PRM will increase sales and minimize service by improving communications between partners.
The persons and businesses are mainly probable to cooperate with your clients on day to day basis and will thereby be

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