Assignment : Freire ( Rough Draft )

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Danny Tran
English 114-36
Emma Rogers
25th September 2015
Assignment 2: Freire (Rough Draft) In today’s educational classrooms, there are many different ways a teacher and their students communicate and connect in the learning environment. The way the students and teachers interact with one another plays a big role in how a student is demonstrating their apprehension as well as what they are learning. In Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire discusses different methods of teaching and learning between the student and teacher, such as the “banking” concept of education and the problem-posing model. According to Freire, the banking model of education is where the teachers act as the “depositors,” storing information into the students as …show more content…

This information also came from the textbook that each student had for the class, but the teacher reiterates on some points and tips during the lecture that may not be in the textbook. There was no homework throughout the span of the course, only weekly quizzes and triweekly tests. Hardly any conversations are made between the teacher and students, but when there are questions that are either after class and short questions or they are left unanswered. Without a close student-teacher relationship in this class, there was a clear distance between the teacher and students. Throughout the course, I felt as if I was only memorizing the information I was told, not having a clear understanding of what was being taught to me. This was not the classroom environment I would ever picture myself, questioning why there are teachers who use this similar concept in a classroom, and why the problem-posing method is disregarded by teachers today. In Freire’s book, he also elaborates on the “problem-posing” concept, where students are communicating with one another to brainstorm ideas, voice your own opinions, and listen to other individuals in order to gain thoughts from different perspectives: “Problem-posing” education, responding to the essence of consciousness – intentionality – rejects communiqués and embodies communications. (248) In my past years of education, especially high school, I feel

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