Assignment : Planning & Engaging Stakeholders

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SWK 7401/7403
Assignment 1: Planning & Engaging Stakeholders
(20 points)

Successful evaluations begin with careful planning and efforts to engage those who will be part of the evaluation activities. This assignment focuses on using the knowledge and skills you have acquired in this course and other courses to talk about evaluation in your field practicum site and to engage your supervisors (field & task instructors, agency director, coworkers, clients, etc.) in your project.

Agency Information:
1. Provide a brief description of your field practicum site (name, location, Agency Director, services provided and clientele served).
2. Provide the name(s) and contact information of your field instructor, task instructor (if you have one), and anyone else who regularly supervises your work in field.

Engagement Planning
3. Describe your plan to engage your agency in a discussion of your evaluation project. Indicate who you will talk to, how you will present your evaluation project, and what strategies will you use to engage their support and participation in your evaluation. Reflect on what personal strengths you bring to this process.

Post-discussion Assessment
4. After implementing your engagement plan, summarize the conversations you had. Briefly describe possible evaluation options that emerged from your meetings, any questions that were raised, and reflect on your engagement skills from these conversations. Summarize the evaluation needs of your field
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