Psy 220 Week 1 Process Evaluation Sample

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The process evaluation activities that were incorporation to this implementation process were a verbal quiz pre/post test, answering anonymous questions, and re going over the quiz at the end. While some of the objectives were achieved and others were not due to the fact we only held this class once and won’t be able to follow up. For one of our first objective, we wanted the students at Magnolia Science Academy to be able to identify at the end of the session three, different contraceptives, which then changed it to one because of time constraints. To test this objective to see if it was absorbed we placed it as the question in the post-test portion of the session. The question was stated, “to name one way to prevent pregnancy.” In Appendix A, figure 1, you can see the graph in detail. While there were 20 students in total, we could only use 19 students pre and posttest information. On the chart, you can see it shows that seven out ten females chose condoms as a contraceptive and 7 out of 9 males wanted condoms and indicates that 3/10 women chose birth control, and 2/10 males chose birth control. Among race …show more content…

And see if the can recognizes that it is importance to practice safe sex behaviors and how they can be faulty. The data reveals that most students understood one of the major disadvantages of condoms was putting it on wrong or not knowing how to put it on correctly. Out of gender, 5/10 females said stated that was one of the major disadvantages of condoms along with male being 4/9. Which then helped lead us into talking about how to put on a condom correctly and how to know if it’s on correctly. One of the anonymously asked questions was how do they know if his condom is on a right? So we were able to discuss with thoroughly for them. You can see these examples in the appendix c and see the questions asked along with the data in appendix a

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