Assignment Questions On The Law

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Assignment-2 Bussiness Law
I am asked to advice about the Jeff kennet who was a former Premeir of victoria. He lives in Melbourne, Australia. He bought a bread from Coles which was half baked and exported from Ireland to Australia. It was a product of bakery food of coles. Kennet sue the company under the consumer law as they are advertising the bread as freshly baked but It was half baked. According to law Coles get fine of million dollars and have to pay. Then Jeff Kennet was given power to decide the outcomes of the suppliers case with the coles. Coles retained Kennet as its arbitrator.
Coles Supermarkets
About 100 years coles is serving outstanding customers by delivering quality of productsand agreat value to millions of Austrailians. George James learned the retail trade while working for his fathers coles from 1910 to 1913. After that they were sold to foodland and re branded as Action supermarkets chains.They have long term commitments in the growth of Austrailia which means they are working towards a sustainable future,forming lasting relationships with Aussie farmers and supporting local jobs in food industry.In april 2014, coles celebrated its 100th birthday which means a century to Aussie families as they provide products with healthy home life and prices they can afford. With the annual report of 2015,It shows that they have approximately 101,008 team mambers who had contributed a great work over the past years in Austrailia and operates 2417…
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