Assistant Operational Acknowledgement Chart ( Coach )

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Consultant Operational Acknowledgment Chart (COACH)

Consultant Operational Acknowledgment Chart (COACH)
/ Consultant Operational Acknowledgment Chart (COACH)

To document coding, procedural and operational errors performed by Help Desk agents. The goal is to identify and document the errors as they occur and provide immediate feedback to the agent. The objective is to foster a learning and coaching system that will minimize the number of errors and encourage Help Desk agents to improve their level of performance. Coding and procedural errors impact the Help Desk in multiple ways, including billing, metric performance and efficiency.

These procedures should be used in conjunction with ITHD Best Practices.

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A Database file named COACH will reside in the COPPR system. The file will track the following:
•Agent Name
•Ticket Number - Note: If there is already a coach entered for the ticket number append it with an alpha character. i.e. S1234567 becomes S1234567a.
•Date of Error
•Error Type
•Agent 's Manager>
•Individual who Discovered the Error
•Follow-Up Status and Comments

It is the responsibility of the agent to log into COPPR on a daily basis to review for record corrections and/or Coaches. This application uses Windows credentials for login, when an error is identified, the following steps will be followed:
•Enter a coach record via the COPPR page (see figure 1 & 2 below)
◦In the Error
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