Assisted Reproductive Technology Essay

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Assisted reproductive technology

Assisted Reproductive technology (Art) is a technology used to make babies in artificial way. This technology gave hope to a lot of people all over the world to have children. Statistics show that almost Three million infants have been delivered using Assisted Reproductive Technology in the last 30 years, all over the world. This procedure enables couples to achieve pregnancy, for example women or men who are infertile; also singles that want have babies, and gays and lesbian. Basically the (Art) process of intercourse is done by insemination (Like, artificial insemination) or fertilization, and this procedure is done by taking the Oocyte and fertilizing it in the laboratory (For example, in vitro …show more content…

The male infertility can be linked with a wide range of semen anomalies, such as number of sperms, motility and morphology. (McElreavey 1)
Since 1978 the first child was born outside a woman’s body through Reproduction Technology (IVF), her name was Louis Brown in England. Reproductive medicine and the test-tube baby has been highly advertized in the western world. This technology is “miracle cure” for infertility (Klein 1) Infertility can be treated in different ways; one of them is Assisted reproductive Technology. ART contains different techniques to treat infertility. This technology is basically taking the egg from the mother and the sperm outside the couple’s body, and fertilizing it in a laboratory environment to make the embryo. As I mentioned, there are a lot of types of ART. The main procedure is the in vitro fertilization. This procedure means that the egg and sperm are fertilized outside the couple’s body to create the embryo; Studies say that this procedure is the most successful and effective one in Assisted Reproductive Technology. Its can be effective when the woman’s fallopian tube are blocked or the male is producing not too much

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