Assistive Technology Research Paper

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Every Mac comes with standard assistive technology features that help people with a wide range of disabilities. Assistive technologies for Mac comes in the OS X. If you are blind or have low vision problems there is already a variety of assistive technologies built in OS X such as screen reader, screen and cursor magnification, and dictation. Voice over is the screen reader that comes standard with every Mac. It includes text-to-speech and it tells you exactly what is going on with your computer as well as what’s going on with the apps. Text-to-speech is compatible with using physical gestures, a keyboard, or a braille display. Furthermore, Text-to-Speech comes with Alex as the voice of Mac. Alex who speaks in a natural tone and comes with over 30 built in languages. The Zoom feature in Mac is basically a built-in magnifier that allows you to magnify the screen up to 20 times. The Zoom feature allows you to keep whatever you’re looking at, at its original size and it will open the zoomed area in another window. The dictation feature lets you talk where you would type, so you basically use your voice as the keyboard. Dictation also converts words into text and it has more than 50 editing and formatting commands. Contrast options and cursor size are also features…show more content…
Narrator which reads aloud text on the screen and describes what is happening in the computer for example if an error is detected. It also includes On-screen keyboard that can be resized and customized to make it easier to see and use. Furthermore, the personalization feature allows you to change the computer's colors, sounds, desktop background, screensaver, font size, and user account picture. You can also make the text on the screen larger or smaller and adjust the size of the icons. Speech recognition allows you to use your voice as the
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