Assistive Technology for Computing Essay

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Assistive Technology for Computing

One thing that programmers generally don’t take into account when they’re typing out code is "How accessible is my program or website going to be for someone who’s impaired in some way?" Unfortunately, this has become a problem in our society which many people are hoping to fix. Already, there’s a huge assortment of products - software, hardware, accessories, etc. - to accommodate those with impairments or disabilities of every sort. Here, we will see the technology in current use that is making computing more universal.

Why Do We Need Assistive Technology?

If you can imagine being an impaired person trying to use a computer, you might imagine that life could become very difficult. People with …show more content…

For this, there needs to be some alternate means of typing, and selecting files via the mouse cursor. Overall, it's imperative to people with disabilities, whom are using computers, to have these issues addressed so that there may be adequate technology allowing them to further communicate with the rest of the world.

What Is Assistive Technology

"Assistive technology (or adaptive technology) is specialized hardware and software applications that enable [disabled] individuals to use a computer." ( Hyatt, Glenda Watson, pg. 5) It's a pretty simple theory as to what assistive technology actually is, however what goes into actually accommodating someone with disabilities is a rather complicated process. There are many problems, one important one being the need of equipment that can be mounted on a wheelchair. Aside from these problems, there are currently products out which can help PWD's use their computers.

Products Available Today

When looking at assistive technology, there are four different categories for usage by people with different disabilities: Screen readers, Refreshable Braille Displays, Screen Magnifiers, and Voice Recognition Applications. (Hyatt, 5) There is currently a myriad of different products available to satisfy each of these categories. Also, there are a few different products for people with other types of disabilities as well.

First there are products like screen readers, and screen magnifiers. Two of the types of screen

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