Asthma Poor Mental Health

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This article is about how poor mental health might be able to boost asthma risk. Brown University researchers reported that people who rated their mental health as poor were more likely to have asthma than those who said their mental health was good. Lead researcher Dr. Thomas Chun, an assistant professor of emergency medicine said that a person should be treated for asthma and mental health problems if they have both of those conditions. Chun also noted that even if they can’t prove the two are related, it is important to treat them both. If one condition is improved then the other might improve too. The study was published in the December 2008 issue of Chest. Chun’s team collected data on 318,151 people who volunteered in the Behavioral Risk …show more content…

He also added that it is important to note that there study doesn’t prove asthma causes poor mental health or the other way around. Kim Lavoie thinks the possible association between mental health and asthma needs to be inspected more. She is an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Quebec in Montreal and an expert in the psychological factors involved in chronic diseases. She said that the results from this study is not unusual and that they already knew that there is a strong connection between high levels of psychological distress and psychiatric disorders, like depression, anxiety, and panic disorders. She said both prevalence of asthma and worse asthma outcomes do that. She said people who are stressed out don’t really take good care of themselves, like when people are depressed, they stop caring about their health and make bad choices. Lavoie also said that maybe because stress is associated with a number of important physiological changes, like the nervous system changes, which can cause growing chest tightness in people with asthma or the immune system could change, which could cause more swelling in the airway of

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