Astonomy and Cosmology Unit Final Essay

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Astronomy and Cosmology have always been an interesting subjects for me since I was little. The two units before this unit were somewhat new to me but weren’t filled with a colossal amount of information. When we arrived at this unit I thought it would be a review of what I had already knew about space, but really it was much more than just planets and stars. My knowledge and view of the universe has drastically changed after learning about various concepts like the Main Sequence, Cosmic Microwave Blackbody Radiation, and red or blue shifts. From this i’ve learned that what is happening here on Earth is nothing compared to what is happening to what is happening in the far reaches of space. There is so much going on in our universe and it …show more content…

Concepts that were new to me included the Main Sequence for stars, the concept of black holes losing mass, redshifts, and the timeline of the Big Bang. I had a basic understanding of black holes and galaxies but after I learned that there a 2 types of galaxies(spiral and elliptical) and how in the center of a black hole is a singularity where all of the laws of physics break down because everything is so extreme. When learning about the galaxies I found the pictures as well as the descriptions to be very beautiful. Whether it was a spiral galaxy that is colliding with another spiral galaxy or the orange tinted elliptical galaxies, I found it all to be complete eye candy. Even though the images are computer enhanced to make the picture glow, i still find it crazy that there is so much natural beauty that still hasn’t been discovered and can only be seen by telescopes that get a faint image. One question I still have is about the cosmological principle, if there is no center for expansion, but the big bang started at a single point, so doesn’t that mean that the universe has been expanding from that one point this entire time? In conclusion this unit on astronomy and cosmology helped me understand that there is so much more to the universe than I had initially thought. There is so much more that goes on and our knowledge will only increase as technology makes our ability to learn more about the depths of our

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