At This Point In America, There Is An Increasingly Intense

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At this point in America, there is an increasingly intense debate about if education should be a right or a privilege. This decision can be discussed between Americans but for significant impact, the federal and state governments must act. Since Americans value the chance at an education so much, the cost for that said education should not be so expensive that it outweighs the rewards. Students in college now are accruing tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Some may not even earn their degrees. But because opportunity is important, the government in the United States must make it easier and more affordable for young adults to pursue their passions through a higher, college-style education system. The United States government should …show more content…

This same idea can be applied to education. The economic ideology of America and how it funds education can be different and still work. To maximize the amount of happy and successful people coming out of college, the government could use its power to make it more affordable. This could be done a number of ways including a slight tax increase or through grants. The opportunity that a higher education has on an individual can have an enormous positive impact on their personal identity. For the typical child growing up, they were under some sort of authority whether that was their parents, teachers, and employers. But once a person walks onto a college campus for the first moment on their own, they are in complete control of themself. It can be exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. The ambivalence of emotions one feels when they are fully responsible for their education and actions is an experience that one cannot get in many others places. There are thousands of other students trying to find their identities in an academic setting. One can discover their purpose and identity in life while studying at a university. They have the chance to forms bonds that could last of lifetime. But again, if the

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