At Worldventures, Performance Management Starts Even Before

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At WorldVentures, performance management starts even before employees are hired and trained. Each job, job description and expectation is created with their specific core values in mind. The defining step of performance management is done before an applicant is interviewed. Managers and HRM both find exactly what is needed for that role, leaving little guesswork in the application and interview process. It has been stated, “You have no right to appraise the performance of and individual or group unless you have set the parameters and standards of performance and explained them to the individuals prior to the performance period.” (Rao, T. V. (2016). Pg. 188). WorldVentures makes certain the expectations are clear and understood. With a…show more content…
An example this year would be to explain what goals an employee would set for themselves and how they can help the company achieve their overall goal of reaching a billion dollars this year. Each of these questions gives an opportunity for the employee to feel engaged and see themselves as a critical part of the overall success of WorldVentures. Once the employees answer the prompted questions they are asked to grade their performance 1-5, five being the highest. At this point the PMP is turned into the direct manager, their task is to then fill out the last comment box with their own observations and set a meeting time for each of their employees. The meeting is one on one in a fairly comfortable setting. The employee is then given a chance to hear their manager’s observations and goal ideas with time to discuss and ask questions along the way. At the end of the meeting each person signs the PMP agreeing that they will work towards the agreed upon goals and understand the grade their manager has given, wither it is the same or different from the grade they gave themselves. HR is then given the PMPs for everyone’s files and assists the managers with any escalations or over the top issues as they come up. If employees need further training or development as the performance reviews conclude, WorldVentures has several different options. Leadership classes are offered to supervisors and above through the local community college.
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