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Case1: ATH Technologies, Inc.:Making the Numbers
Questions: 1. The performance goals of a business set by managers and determined by business strategy, which is refer to how a company creates value for customers and differentiate itself from competitors in the marketplace. Here, the earn-out structure focus on development of a new product, product superior to existing technologies these two are obviously the business strategy foe setting goals, and the last point is directly relate to growth in earning goals , so this structure focus on the right performance goals.

Scepter pharmaceutical should employ the skilled person in the technology area, especially the founder of ATH technology for future development or control. …show more content…

With a warning letter from FDA, and more customer complaints, it will harm the reputation of the company, so there will be fewer customers to buy the products, the market share will decrease and profit also will decrease dramatically.

2. I would also give employees bonus tied up to their work, but not just focus on profit, we need to balance the expectations of different constituencies. I will well design performance measurement and control systems provide a fundamental way of recognizing and balancing these trade-offs.

Part D
1. The senior managers introduce a vision and belief statement to address the issue in the warning letter and avoid similar events in the future.

2. ATH change their performance measure on profit to measure on produce defects, customer contact errors, and so on was to balance the expectations of different constituencies to be a successful organization..

John Frost come up with these were trying to deliver value to customer, he realized that customer are the one contribute to

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