The Success Of A Successful Entrepreneur

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Section A As owner of my own social business it has taken quite a while for the business to make strides. It is key to come up with ideas that are viable and interest individuals, as it is always difficult to lure people to something that they have not yet seen results or make people believe in a product they have never heard off. Hence as an entrepreneur I had to adopt the necessary skills required to be a successful entrepreneur which are, resiliency, focus, invest for long term, find and manage people, sell, learn, self-reflection and self-reliance. It is very important for one to be independent and be able to be resourceful enough to depend on you. In social entrepreneurship one has to focus mostly on what the society is going to …show more content…

As the manager, leading innovation would be used in order to stimulate rapid growth within my organization. I will use this kind of innovation within the group I will be working, example: ➢ Defining the kind of innovation that drives growth and helps meet strategic objectives. As the manager I will communicate to employees the type of innovation they expect. In the absence of such direction, employees will come back with incremental and often familiar ideas. ➢ Add innovation to the formal agenda at regular leadership meetings. We observe this approach among leading innovators. It sends an important signal to employees about the value management attaches to innovation ➢ Set performance, metrics and targets for innovation. Leaders should think about two types of metrics, which are the financial and the behavioral. The second would be designing innovation networks, it can be stated that new ideas seem to spur more new ideas; networks generate a cycle of innovation. Furthermore, if the networks are effective enough they would drive individuals of different skills to come together, and come up with different ways to tackle problems. Hence this would be difficult for the manager as his might make some employees a bit uncomfortable as some other people are used to new ideas and new changes, hence it might also drive them away, which would also delay completion of the project. The third would be to create cultures of trust within the group. It can be concluded that

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