Atheltes Paid Too Much

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Gage Meyers Mrs. Byers Comp. 1-4 15 April 2014 Athletes Do Not Deserve What They Are Paid It would be great to make 31.3 million dollars a year. Adding an additional 47 million dollars in endorsements for simply playing a game that an athlete loves. Michael Jordan, along with several other professional athletes, think getting paid millions of dollars is perfect. In the 1996 season, after playing 3,106 minutes, Michael Jordan made 170,000 dollars a day which is the equivalent of 160.97 dollars a second (Christian Science Monitor). Another unbelievable statistic is Mike Tyson's earnings in his match with Peter McNeeley. In a single second, he made 281,000 dollars (Christian Science Monitor). Alex Rodriguez will be paid $29 million this…show more content…
Teachers are teaching students so they can be educated and have knowledge. They make sure that every student has a chance to become something special when they grow up. Police officers and Firefighters protect individuals every day. They risk their own lives to make sure their town is save and they are paid less than an athlete who plays a game. An athlete competes in the sport they love for the money and the fans while most jobs in the U.S do the job because they have to make money. Most of them are extremely dangerous jobs compared to a professional sport job. Having salary caps does not mean that the athlete would be getting paid less. Athletes are being paid around 15 million dollars. If there salary would go down to 10 million, it would not be a big problem for the athlete. Being paid 5 million dollars less as a professional athlete, is not a big problem because then they have the opportunity to keep playing make more. It would be saving the team money if they had the salary cap. If the athlete is sponsored, he or she would receive free items from that company and would not need to pay for it. The N.B.A. wants to slash player incomes by at least $750 million annually which could trigger a lockout next summer. Athletes would still get paid at least millions of dollars to play a game they love. Even if the N.B.A wanted to slash player’s income, it should not matter to the athletes because they still get millions of dollars. Athletes are simply paid way too much.

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