Athena Goddess Of War

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Athena, or Athene, is the Goddess of Wisdom and War ("Athena"). Known for her grace and mercy, all the other gods highly respected her (Pontikis). Although she is the goddess of war, her true personality might be a surprise.

Athena's Roman name is Minerva, and the two are very similar (L. Roman and M. Roman 90). Athena actually does not like fighting at all, but instead enjoys the strategy involved in battle (Pontikis). This goddess is not only in charge of war, but rules over outdoor activities and chores done inside the house like weaving, spinning, and cooking (Pontikis). She rules over the city of Athens, which was rewarded to her because she helped the people by planting the olive tree (L. Roman and M. Roman 91). Also, her most important temple is called the Parthenon ("Athena").

Athena can always be found with her helmet and spear, making her one of the easiest goddesses to identify (Pontikis). Athena is also easy to spot because of her special shield. On her shield is Medusa's head, which Perseus had given to her (L. Roman and M. Roman 91). She hardly uses her spear however, because she likes to handle things in a peaceful manner (Pontikis). Surprisingly, Athena has a manly figure with broad shoulders (Pontikis). Her
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One of those battles was defeating Typhon, the most feared and dangerous monster in existence. Long ago, Typhon decided to try and take over Mount Olympus, the home of all the gods and goddesses. When he arrived, all the gods hid among the mortals, taking the shape of various animals. Well, all but Athena. She stood her ground. She was not going to let someone, or something, take her home away. Her father, Zeus, saw her facing the beast, and he decided that he didn’t want his daughter doing his job for him. His job was to protect his people, so that’s what he did. Gathering the courage and stepping up, he was able to defeat Typhon, and all the gods were able to return home safely
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