Athena Parthenos

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Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson is just recently off on a quest to acquire the “Athena Parthenos.” She’s the daughter of Greek goddess Athena, the goddess of wisdom and Percy is the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea and horses. The Athena Parthenos was a deserted, large chryselephantine sculpture made of the Greek goddess Athena. However, she had to go through a trial of tests before hand like going through a labyrinth, escaping traps, moving with injury, and getting past an enemy who didn’t like her mother at all. That enemy was Arachne, a talented mortal weaver who had challenged Athena and lost, resulting in her being turned into a huge spider. Once they acquired the Athena Parthenos, they fell into the pit of Tartarus. Tartarus is a deep abyss that’s known to torment and create …show more content…

Percy and Annabeth must get to the Doors of Death in Tartarus, and on the mortal side Jason and them had to open it up for them so they could come back. Jason and the crew also have a lot of problems to deal with as well. They had to deal with numerous amount of altercations with monsters, other demigods, gods, and themselves. Hazel and Nico are just as important as Percy and Annabeth. They’re both children of Hades, god of the underworld,but however one is Roman and the other is Greek. Hazel was needed in order to defeat the sorceress Pasiphae. She had to control the Mist in order to beat the sorceress. The Mist is a supernatural force that allows mortals to see monsters as something common or everyday like. It can also create ocular illusions for immortals such as gods. Nico can raise and talk to the dead. They had fight Khione, goddess of snow. They have to fight Scione, son of Poseidon and 2nd best archer in history. They also have to go up and meet the West Wind god, Favonius. Nico is extremely important when it comes to Favonius because they have a ominous

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