Mark Of Athena Essay

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The novel Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan is about seven teen demigods that must stop the destruction of Rome, the end of the world. This is an action packed story that allows one to better understand Greek Mythology. When reading this book, the author is trying to make the reader realize that there is a hero in all of us, whatever we set our minds to do, and we can accomplish it no matter what obstacles are put in front of us. One quote from the book that is quite iconic is “Being a hero doesn’t mean you’re invincible. It just means that you’re brave enough to stand up and do what’s needed.”(Riordan, pg. 475) Anything is possible if you just give it a chance. The theme throughout this series is that with teamwork much can be accomplished. …show more content…

In order to proceed to Rome to finish their quest, Piper and Jason must retrieve the horn of the river god, Archelous. If they fail, Hercules will kill them. Many tricks and deceptions occur; they get the horn but refuse to hand it over and bury Hercules under an avalanche. Now, they arrive in Rome and each must go different ways as they all have different quests. Annabeth must follow the Mark of Athena to her mother’s statue. Frank, Leo, and Hazel must search for Hazel’s brother. Piper, Percy, and Jason are tricked and almost drowned. The three battle the giants and free Hazel’s brother. All have accomplished their quests, except Annabeth. Annabeth is in a battle with her mother’s enemy, a giant spider named Archne. Annabeth can see the statue as it is suspended in a cave wrapped in silk from the spider. Annabeth is able to deceive the spider into creating something and it gets stuck in its own web. This allows the seven to get the statue. Percy goes to help Annabeth but silk from Archne is attached to her leg. Percy and Annabeth are then pulled into Tartarus, a pit. The remaining demigods realize that in order to save Percy and Annabeth, they must find the Doors of Death, before it is too

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