Athlete Are Paid Too Much

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Today 's professional athletes make ridiculous salaries and are only increasing year after year. Every year we hear how a professional athlete just signed a contract worth a record amount. Then about the same time next year we hear about another athlete is signing a new contract worth even more than the previous high. Professional athletes are making too much money in a society that salaries and wages are typically based on the value of ones work. In today 's society where salaries are determined by an individuals labour put into when providing a good or service. It is expected that individuals that provide goods or services with a high amount of labour involved or increase the standard of living of the society would have the highest…show more content…
It is remarkable how an athlete is paid millions of dollars to appear for a few hours for an advertising campaign, while a surgeon who must perform a life affecting procedure for a few hours is paid a small fraction of what an athlete earns. When considering team sports, it can be linked that higher payroll teams win more games and win more championship. But, there should be a limit or salary cap in all professional team sports. This creates greater competition between teams and more excitement for the fans. If a league did not have a salary cap, only teams that have a history of winning games and championships are able to pay top dollars for the best players. This makes it very difficult for younger teams to succeed, or for new teams to enter the league. A prime example of a professional sport without a salary cap is Major League Baseball. The New York Yankees had the highest payroll in 2007 of $218.3 million, while the World Series champion Boston Red Sox was a distant second at $155.4 million. Not only having the highest payroll, the Yankees had the highest revenue in the majors of $415 million last year. By looking at the other end of the payroll column, one can link the payroll of the team to its success in the league. For example, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays had the lowest payroll in the majors last season of $31.8 million and have had the worst record. In the end, teams spent a record $2.71 billion on players last year and the thirty

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