Athletes And Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, WNBA, and many more bring us entertainment on a daily bases, thanks to the athletes that strive everyday by practicing as hard as they can so when game day comes they can perform for us. But what if these same athletes and other athletes that never made it to the professional level of sports focus and put for the same effort as they do for sports they love, to their academics while they were in school, could a better future be planned for them. As many know when a student is recruited to play in a collegiate sport at any college/university sports seem to be that students main focus rather than academics. Athletes not understanding the importance of education and earning a degree, has been the cause of athletes not having a back up plan after their college careers are over. Not every athlete makes it to the professional, so once they graduate from college or leave the real world is awaiting and starting a career can be very challenging. So now, rather than later its time to showing student-athletes the importance of why they need to work as hard as possible to be able to create a better future for themselves. Sometimes sports are emphasized more than schoolwork and test scores throughout the media. So a different path has to start being taught to student athletes. This path has to start in their homes and in the classrooms that they students learn in. Understanding why these student athletes love sports so much and showing them that loving…

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