Athletes Should Not Be Banned

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Athletes could also be injured playing college sports and lose their scholarship or the chance to play professionally. The risk is greater for those few athletes who are ready to play professionally because if they get injured and cannot play professionally it is an immense loss for the athlete. This would not be a problem if athletes could play in the NBA or NFL out of high school. However, the NFL has a rule which state athletes must be out of high school two years before they can enter the league. The NBA has a similar rule, but it is only a year out of high school. This rule is not necessarily a bad thing. It gives the NBA and NFL at least a year or two to scout athletes. It also gives the athletes a chance to compare their abilities to other elite athletes. The athletes do not have to go to college if they do not want to. The rule does not state they must go to college. Basketball players could play overseas and get paid if they wanted to. Football players have few options other than college. There are other leagues they could play in, but they would not get the same publicity. Most employers give their employee benefits, such as Medicare, life insurance, and other benefits. In a way athletes are employees of the university and the NCAA, so they should be given benefits. Medical insurance is a benefit they should definitely offered, because if the athlete is injured they can not play. An injury could lead to loss of scholarship and if the athlete is
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