Why Is It Important To Be College Athletes Avoid?

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The NBA “one-and-done” rule was first implemented in the summer of 2006. This new rule concerns the eligibility for recent high school graduates to forego their eligibility to play college basketball and enter straight into the NBA draft. The informed high school basketball players that they had to be at least one year removed from high school and had to be at least 19 years of age in order to partake in the NBA draft. Currently, the league does not require players to play NCAA basketball as you can be drafted after playing a season overseas. However, for many high school graduates attending college has becomes their only option in pursing the dream to one-day play in the NBA.
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This shows these athletes would do better off with the professional help of the NBA. A major part of my action plan is to provide these athletes with the option to either attend a college or university for one year and then enter into the NBA draft or become drafted straight out of high school with the understanding that they will have to play for that specific teams developmental league for one year before joining the actually team itself. Ultimately, this plan would allow athletes to receive the financial benefits needed in the short term while still developing and preparing themselves for years in the NBA.
The overarching reason for this ongoing debate for college athletes all relates to money. At 18 and 19 years old, most athletes do not have access to the amount of money they could potentially make in the NBA. Not only money, but also any sort of benefits that can be provided to them such housing, transportation or significant revenue that can improve the lives of not only themselves but their families. An article reviewing the NCAA business model and the paying of student athletes explains that:
The NCAA is focused on education as it states, but when athletes are struggling to survive, and in some cases, going to bed starving, one has to wonder how focused the NCAA truly is on the student and his or her education. With all of the money generated through the college athletes in the performance of their respective sport, it would make sense that these

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