Athletic Sports Day Client Survey

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Athletic Sports Day Client Survey

What I can do for you:

1. Set up a system for collecting entries, this can be done as a

2. Create a database where data is imported from the PDF

PDF Form and sent out to students via school email where

they can fill out and send back.

Forms, this will sort out the heats, finals and championship


 This is just to make the process a lot more

efficient and less manual work.

 See if I can get a copy of the entry spreadsheets

that are used now.

What I need to know:

What is the process you use now?

What are the things you want to keep from that?

What colour schemes, fonts, etc. would you like to be used?

Who other than you will be a decision maker in this?

Would you like to keep the same entry form? Or make any changes?

What is the best way to contact you?

What type of computer will you use this on? PC or Mac? Also, what year

are you? programmes? E,g Microsoft Office 2010

Included in this solution, there needs to be a strong positive attitude and presentation, this keeps the

students excited and ready to commit to a fun athletic day within the school, this can be done

through images, colours, and fonts presented on the PDF form. Also, students enjoy using

technology and their new laptops, so using an on-line form instead of a paper form will be more

appealing to them.

When I met with the client I received a couple of their existing spreadsheets to show me the process

that they go through…
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