Atomic Bomb A Threat Essay

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Time after time, there has emerged some form of threat to the mankind’s well-being, which generates a cause for great concern. The two major concerns at present, are the existence of ISIS and the spread of the Zika Virus.

Many threats have come and gone. However, there is a threat which will not disappear anytime soon. It is surprising, it has not been given more us attention.

The threat of a nuclear strike should have been one of the greatest cause for concern. This threat is ever present and seems to escalate with the frequent development of more sophisticated devices.

In 1939, two of the scientists, who had fled from Europe because of the fear of Hitler’s regime, approached American President, Franklyn D. Roosevelt, and presented to him the idea of developing an atomic bomb; the first nuclear weapon. The
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There was the incidence involving a bomber transporting nuclear bombs, wich was estimated to be approximately 300 times more lethal than the Hiroshima bomb. One of the bombs was released and fell into a waterlogged area. It had sunk deep into the ground which made it impossible for it to be retrieved The Army had to acquire the property, which they transformed it into a containment site. Five of the six safety switches on the bomb had failed, and a single switch prevented detonation.

There are nine countries which are known to be in possession nuclear weapons: Russia, United States, France, china, united Kingdom, Pakistan, India, Israel, and North Korea.

There have been a number of treaties and agreements seeking to limit and control the proliferation of nuclear arms, however, there have been constant breaches of these agreements and treaties. The latest breach is the recent claim by the North Korea’s Government that they have tested a Hydrogen bomb, in violation of the terms of a treaty they had agreed on.

This action by North Korea has once again served to heighten tension
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