Attacks On Dns And Its Solutions

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ATTACKS ON DNS AND ITS SOLUTIONS Hanuman Reddy Allala CSU ID 2619697 INTRODUCTION: Hence as early we discussed DNS is termed as Domain Name System which is used in converting domain names into IP addresses. It is also globally distributed, scalable, reliable database. In DNS and DNSSEC there are many issues which are difficult to defend. The given data in name servers does not have co-ordination between the data origin to data integrity. So this all will lead to Man in Middle attacks. There are some attacks on DNS which effects the performance of DNS. There are many attacks on DNS like 1) Man in the middle Attack. 2) Packet sniffing. 3) Cache poisoning with use of name chaining. We don’t discuss in detail about these attacks but we will have a brief introduction on them. Man in middle is the most important vulnerabilities in DNS system. Man in the middle attack mainly occurs because DNS does not give the authentication details of the particular data. The person who tries to resolve this issue does not able to know the integrity and authentication for the data sent by others. Next coming to packet sniffing, this occurs when DNS replays with the response with one UDP packet without any signing and unencrypted format. This makes easy to other person to tamper the

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