Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( Adhd ) Essay

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Factual Overview Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, most commonly known as ADHD is a condition characterized by an ongoing pattern of hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity which interfere with functioning and development (National Institute of Mental Health). In attention refers to a child not paying close attention, lack of organization, and gets easily distracted and is forgetful. With hyperactivity a child can’t stay in assigned seat, fidgets, and talks excessively. Impulsivity describes a child who interrupts, yells out answers, and has a hard time waiting for a turn (Woolfolk, 2013). About 9% of children between the ages 3-17 are diagnosed with ADHD. More boys are diagnosed with ADHD than girls. Genetics is said to have a large contribution in ADHD. It can run in the family in some situations and in others there are trends in specific areas of the brain that contribute to attention (National Alliance on Mental Illness). The effects that ADHD has on a student’s education is noticeable compared to those who don’t suffer from this condition.
DSM Criteria According to the DSM-5 criteria for ADHD is as follows: inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity are divided into two categories. For inattention six or more of the following symptoms are consistent for at least 6 months to the point that it affects the developmental level of an individual and it negatively impacts directly on social and academic/occupational activities. (“Often fails to give close

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