Attracting Talent and Recruitment, CIPD

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This paper sets out the proposed method for attracting talent and recruitment of a new HR Officer. In order to ensure that there is a structured induction programme and handover period, it is recommended that the recruitment process be set in motion in the near future.
Four Factors that will affect our talent planning


The amount of work that will be coming in i:e seasonal work for retailers
A company constantly should be forecasting to help prepare for changes in the marketplace. Forecasting sales revenues, materials costs, personnel costs and overhead costs can help a company plan for upcoming projects. Without accurate forecasting, it can be difficult to tell if the plan has any chance of success, …show more content…

Other ways to attract applications include building links with local colleges/universities, working with the jobcentre and holding open days.

Methods of Selection

Work sampling
Psychometric tests


There is many benefits by employing diverse workforce, for instance:
- Strong brainstorming, creativity. People coming from many cultures can give many ideas and their own experience from different backgrounds and cultures. The main advantage is that different cultures uses different techniques in engineering, IT or in management.

- It gives a better reputation for the company. Organizations with high level of diverse workforce are valued by foreign people e.g. Tesco, there is many people working from different cultures, who can help the customers by communicating in their languages.

Recruitment agencies are effective recruitment tool.

Using recruitment agencies it reduces the time spend on looking for new candidates, they make sure that candidates has right to work legally in the UK, they are doing also CRB checks. The recruitment screening standard is also high.
- Internal recruitment. It is the cheapest and the fastest way of recruiting new candidate.

It gives the employer a clear vision of what experience, skills and attitude the recruit has got and also potential candidate is strongly familiarized with the company already.
- Posting the job on the website. It

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