Attraction And Close Relationships

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1. Attraction When you like or love someone, you are encountering interpersonal attraction- liking towards someone. Interpersonal attraction usually occurs in close relationships between friends, family members, and other people in common. (Sprecher, Wenzel, & Harvey, 2008) When you are attracted to someone, you are tempted, seduced, captivated, and even enthralled. You like to spend time with that person. Attraction is very important for any kind of relationship to begin, although some meetings are by chance. Attraction is also a forerunner to an intimate relationship. 1.1 Factors causing attraction Factors causing attraction are • Proximity – people in near vicinity • Familiarity – people we know • Similarity –people who are similar to us Some more factors of attractiveness are healthy skin, good teeth, a smiling face, and groomed personality (Jones, Pelham, Carvall, & Mirenberg, 2004). 1.2 Gender differences in Attraction The criteria …show more content…

When people are aware of the needs of others, for example parents’ attentiveness to the needs of their children or the attentiveness of partners in a romantic close relationship, without considering any benefits than we say that the partners have a communal relationship. Communal relationships are type of close relationships in which partners take care of the needs of each other without any consideration of pros and cons. (Neff & Karney, 2002). 3. Intimacy When the mates in a relationship feel that they are close, and when the relationship is based on care, affection, endurance, and social and moral support, than the relationship is said to be intimate (Sternberg, 1986). They are usually recognized as couples rather than single individuals. The ones that are more intimate with their partners can express positive and negative things about each other easily (Neff & Karney, 2002). 3.2 Types of

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