Attributes Of Mice And Ieng Mice Essay

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PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN – TASK 2 ICE ATTRIBUTES ACHIEVEMENT ABDULLA MOHAMMED BAHZAD | CIVIL ENGINEERING | November 2016 Attributes of MICE/IEng MICE to be demonstrated at Member Professional Review: During my childhood days, I have always enjoyed making things with Lego blocks, as I grew up I started to build slightly bigger versions of these. I really like the idea of problem solving and this is when I realised that construction is something which I would be keen to pursue it as my career. Therefore decided to take up Civil Engineering degree from Liverpool John Moores University. After successful completion of my degree I would apply my academic knowledge to the real world problems and then try to bring a difference in the society. Since, I am still pursuing my degree from the university, all the evidence for the below ICE attributes will be entirely based on my academic and personal experience to date. 4 – Independent Judgement and Responsibility A Ability to identify the limits of personal knowledge and skills. − After completing my A – Levels, I wanted to pursue my degree from a reputable university from abroad, therefore I decided to come to UK. I knew that my English would not be of the standard required by the university but I did not limit myself to not apply in UK universities. I decided that it would be better for me to pursue an English course in UK and therefore I successfully completed my English course and also completed the IELTS from St Giles Brighton
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