Auston Robertson : The Field Of Graphic Design

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In the spring of 2013, an unassuming student by the name of Auston Robertson attended competition brimming with youthful optimism. This was no ordinary competition however. This competition was more like the youth Olympics of his chosen field. He was going to the american nationals of SkillsUSA in the field of graphic design. He had no idea what he was walking into, and this alone would prove to be his most unanticipated and his greatest flaw. In this competition, he would go on to put his best foot forward (some could even say, that this work was some of the best he had ever done) and after what could be called a tiresome and arduous wait of three days, be given a ranking he didn’t understand. After all of his effort he was awarded a…show more content…
The first event consisted of a written test in which the competitors had their knowledge examined over several areas such as the differences between digital screen and printing output standards and real-world turnaround times for logos and other such work. After this the competitors were asked to completely replicate an older work and remake it in a newer digital formatting. Finally, the competitors were told to make a business kit for new business by making a letterhead, logo, and poster for them. Taking a systematic approach, the first event of note is that of the written test. Given that Auston had over 200 hours of real world working experience in actual graphic design fields of employment, and his exemplary test record up to that point, it is a reasonable assumption that his scores were among the best there. After this, scores become more subjective. The next area of note was that of the replication. As it was the nationals competition, it is not unreasonable to assume that every single competitor possessed the ability to complete the exercise within the span of time given to completion. Thus, removing this from consideration. That leaves only the final and most important area of evaluation, the business kit. In this final portion of evaluation, the competitors were expected to be able to show their designs to their clients under the worst of conditions. Thus, they were given no ability to communicate other than

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